Tour to Chernobyl

Tour to Chernobyl

Organizer: Universe
Location: Ukraine; Kiev region; Chernobyl
Category: Group Tours

For a long time, the information on the disaster in Chernobyl was classified, especially for foreign visitors and journalists. At that time no one knew what was going on there...

Can you visit Chernobyl today? Yes, we give you a chance to explore it and see the awful, striking effect of this disaster on people who lived there. We organize Chernobyl tours so that people could experience the extent to which a human being can harm both nature and other human beings.

Application to visit the Chernobyl zone is served at least 10 days prior to arrival

The Programm:

08:00 - Departure from Kiev to Chernobyl zone
10:00 - Arrive at the gate Dityatki (the first checkpoint on the border of a 30-km zone of Chernobyl). Verification of documents and entry into the exclusion zone
10:30 - Excursion
14:00 - Clean Environment lunch in the dining room Chernobyl special plant. All products are tested and delivered from ecologically clean regions
15:00 - Continuation of our trip
17:00 - Departure from
Chernobyl zone
19:00 - Arrival at Kiev

Price is 150 per person

The price includes:

  • Permition for entrance to the Chernobyl zone
  • Meetings arrangement
  • Bus transport andguide services

The price does not include:

  • Lunch (80 UAH)

It is important to:
All visitors must be 18 or older with no medical contraindications to visit areas of high ionizing radiation
Not available to individuals in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication or hangover
During the tour is strictly forbidden to use alcohol and drugs
It is also forbidden to carry in a zone any weapons
Clothes should be tight and closed as long sleeves, closed shoes, preferably with thick soles
Not allowed: short pants, shorts, skirts and open shoes, clothes with short sleeves
Entry into the zone is permitted only with a passport


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