National Dendrological Park of Sofievka

National Dendrological Park of Sofievka

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Organizer: Universe
Location: Ukraine; Cherkasy region; Uman
Category: Group Tours

The history of Art states that almost all existing masterpieces were created in love. Landscape park "Sofievka" in Uman was established in 1796 by Potocki, a Polish noble.
The park is named after his Greek wife Sofia (Zofia Potocka) and was finally finished in 1802. The territory of the park is around 150 hectares. The cost of the original park was estimated at roughly 15 million zloty, a fortune by contemporary standards. Every day 800 people in bondage worked hard to create numerous hills, rivers, waterfalls and grottoes. Count Potocki was ready to give up everything for his beloved wife Sofia, but Cupid's arrows are not that easy to control. Visit "Sofievka" and you will find out happy and at the same time sad love story.

The main designer was Ludwik Metzel, who imported many rare plants from all around Europe. This park is one of the world famous garden-park art creations.

There are many scenic areas in the park including waterfalls, fountains, ponds and a stone garden.

It is one of the most famous examples of late 17th or early 18th century European landscape garden design that has been preserved to the present time.

Everything in the park reminds us of Greece - homeland of Zofia Potocka: statues of gods from Greek mythology, Island of Love and underground river Styx.

The Program:

08:00 group gathering, departure to "Sofievka" by bus
11:00 arrival at "Sofievka"
11:30 beginning of excursion
13.30 - Free time. Lunch
15.30 - group gathering near the bus
16.00 - departure to Kiev by bus
19.00 - Arrival at Kiev.

The number of people
group of 15+1
group of 25+1
group of 30+1
Price per person

The price includes:

  • Bus transport andguide services
  • Entrance fees to the territory
  • Insurance

The price doesn't include:

  • Private spending
  • Lunch


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