Museum of Folk Architecture and life in Pirogovo

Museum of Folk Architecture and life in Pirogovo

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Location: Ukraine; Kiev region; Kiev
Category: Group Tours

Visiting this museum will allow you to get acquainted with the life and traditions of Ukrainians to visit the homes of Ukrainians from all over the country, can see Ukraine in miniature! During this tour you will hear about the features of folklore and ethnography of the Ukrainian people.

Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Pirogovo - the most famous ethnographic museum in the open. The area of the museum is 150 hectares, where is located about 300 objects. Perhaps it is the world's largest open-air museum (skansen). It is known that he the most known in Eastern Europe. Near the gardens and on the fields there you can hear of sound folk songs, often seen the work of folk art: embroiderers, weavers, carvers, blacksmiths, potters, glassblowers, other masters.

You can always buy embroidery, towels, dishes, and toys made of ceramics, wooden boxes and decorations.

Price for group of 15 pax:25 per person

The price of excursion includes:
  • Bus transport and guide service
  • Entrance ticket


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