Sightseeing tour across Kiev

Sightseeing tour across Kiev

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Location: Ukraine; Kiev region; Kiev
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Kiev is the capital of independent Ukraine, one of the most important political, economic, scientifically cultural and educational and religious centers of Europe.

On the amount of population Kiev is among the 10 greatest cities of Europe. His historical fate is related to the great political and cultural events in Europe and represented in many age-old architectural monuments. 2148 objects of history and culture are located on the territory of Kiev.

Over 100 museums work in the capital. There are 33 theaters and theaters-studios, 53 cultural buildings, 140 libraries, 20 concert organizations and independent musical collectives, circus in Kiev.

Kiev is a cradle of Slavonic civilization, one of the most beautiful world cities, picturesquely stretched on the Dnepr hills.

Route: St. Vladimir's Cathedral, the National University, Opera House, Golden Gates, St. Sophia Cathedral, the Monument to Bohdan Zynoviy Khmelnytsky, St. Andrew's Church, St. Michael's Cathedrals, European square, Independent square, Mariyinskiy Palace, Park Vechnoy Slavy, Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra, Askold's Grave.

Price:50 per person

The price of excursion includes:
  • Bus transport and guide service
  • Entrance tickets


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