Odessa region

Odessa region lies in the south-west of Ukraine, it was formed on February 27, 1932. The territory of the region is 33.3 thousand square km (5.5% of the territory of Ukraine), on the west it borders with Romania and Moldova. The peculiarity of the area lies in its coastal and border location.

Sights of Odessa region:

Much of the Odessa region is located in the Black Sea Lowland, gradually decreasing to the Black Sea, and in the northern part of the region – spurs of Podillya Upland, cut by deep ravines. The Island Zmeinyi (Snake) belongs to Odessa region.

On the territory of the region there are about 200 rivers longer than 10 km, but many of them are small and dry in summer, forming estuaries or lakes in their mouths near the sea in the southwest of the region. The main rivers are Dniester, Danube, Southern Bug (in the north), which are used for navigation, irrigation and for hydropower.

In the coastal strip there are a lot of freshwater and saline lakes, and a large number of estuaries, the largest of which Khadzhibey and Kuyal'nitskiy.

In the region dominates the steppe landscape, but at present the most of the steppes are plowed and used for farming, there are many of windbreaks formed of acacia, maple, etc. In the north of the region are small groves, in which grow oaks, ash, lime, etc. 

Also in the Odessa region there 92 territories and objects of natural reserve fund and 2 natural monuments of national importance - Michael Yar and Odessa catacombs.

In the Danube Delta is situated the Biosphere Reserve “Danube Plavni”, and on the shore of Tiligulskiy estuary is located Tiligulskiy regional landscape park.

The climate is temperate continental with hot dry summer and mild winter with little snow. 


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