Lviv region

Lviv Region is located in the extreme west of Ukraine, it belongs to the historical land of Galicia, the center of the formation of the Ukrainian people, the leading center of religious activity of the country, on the west it borders with Poland. The region was founded on December 4, 1939.  

The area is 21.8 thousand square km or 3.6% of the territory of Ukraine. The region from north to south is 240 km, from west to east - 210 km.  

The population is about 2.6 million people or 5.5% of Ukrainian population, including urban – 58.9%, and rural – 41.1%.  

Lviv region is one of the most homogeneous regions of Ukraine in ethnic composition; the share of Ukrainians in all areas is more than 90% - 95%.  

In the mountainous part of the area, in the southern areas dwell ethnic group of Ukrainians – boyki and lemki. Russian account for 7% of the region's population and live mainly in the regional center, about 1% of the region's population are the Poles, the small shares belong to Byelorussians, Moldavians, Jews and other nationalities.  

By administrative-territorial division the region consists of 20 districts, 44 cities, including 7 towns of regional subordination (Lviv, Truskavets, Drohobycz, Borislav, Stry, Sambor, Chervonograd), 34 urban-type settlements and 1849 rural settlements.  

Sightseeing in Lviv region:  

The castle was haunted by disasters - it was destroyed in the earthquake and burned during the storm, but it was restored and now here is the branch of Lviv Art Gallery, one of the most interesting museums of Ukraine.  

Near the castle there is a building of the monastery of the Order of Capuchin (1739).  

Capuchins - a kind of monastic order, founded in the late XVI century. Many people know it due to monk Marco d'Aviano, who made coffee for a special recipe, the color of which resembled the color of monastic robes of Capuchins, so coffee was called cappuccino. 


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